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5.1.01-00  Physics of the Electron   5.4  X-ray Physics
5.1.02-00  Specific charge of the electron - e/m   5.4.01-00  Characteristic X-rays of copper
5.1.03-11  Franck - Hertz experiment with Hg-tube   5.4.02-00  Chracteristic X-rays of molybdemnum
5.1.04-01/05  Planck's " quantum of action " from the photoelectric effect ( line separation by interference filters)   5.4.03-00  The intensity of charateristic X-rays as a funtion of anode current and anode voltage
5.1.04-01/05  Plank's "quantum of action" from the photoelectric effect (line separation by defraction grating)   5.4.04-00  The intensity of characteristric X-rays as a function of anode current and anode voltage
5.1.06-00  Fine strcture, one-electron and two-electron spectra   5.4.05-00  Monochromatization of molybdenum X-rays
5.1.07-00  Balmer series / Determination of Rydberg's constant   5.4.06-00  Monochromatization of copper X-rays
5.1.08-00  Atomic spectra of two - electron systems: He, Hg   5.4.07-00   doublet splitting of molybdenum X-rays / fine structure
5.1.10-05  Zeeman effect   5.4.08-00    Doublet splitting of iron X-rays /fine structure
5.1.11-00  Stern - Gerlach Experiment   5.4.09-00  Duane - Hunt displacement law and Planck's "quantum of action"
5.1.12-00  Electron spin resonance   5.4.10-00  Characteristic X-ray lines of different anode materials / Moseley's law; Rydberg frequency and screening constant
5.1.13-00  Electron diffraction   5.4.11-00  Absorption of X-rays
5.2  Radioactivity   5.4.12-00  K-and L- absorption edges of X-rays / Moseley's law and the Rydberg constant
5.2.01-01  Half-life and radioactive equilibrium   5.13-00  Examination of the structure of NaCI monocrystals with different orientations
5.2.0-11  Half - life and radoactive equilibrium with Cobra 3     5.4.14-00  /15-00  X-ray invstigation of diffent crystal structures / Debye-Scherrer powder method
5.2.03-11  Poision 's distribution and Gaussian distribution of radioactive decay with Cobra 3 Influence of the dead time of the counter tube   5.4.16-00  X-ray investigation of crystal structures / Laue method
5.2.04-00  Visualisation of radioactive particles / Diffusion cloud chamber   5.4.17-00  Compton scattering of X-rays
5.2.20-15  Alpha - Energies of different sources with Multi channel Analyzer   5.4.18-00  X-ray dosimetry
5.2.21-01/11/15  Rutherford experiment   5.4.19-00  Contrast medium experiment with a blood vessel model
5.2.22-01/11/15  Fine structure of the-spectrum of  Am   5.4.20-00  Determination of the length and position of an object which cannot be seen
5.2.23-01/11/15  Study of the- energies  of  Ra   5.4.21/22/23/24/25-00  Diffractometric Debye - Scherrer patterns of diffent powdersamples
5.2.24-01/11/15 Energy loss - particles in gases    5.4.26-00  Diffractometric measurements to determine the intensity of Debye-Scherrer reflexes using a cubic lattice powder sample
5.2.31-00  Electron absorption   5.4.27-00  Diffractometric Debye-Scherrer measurements for the examination of the texture of roller sheets
5.2.32-00    -  spectroscopy   6.4  Handbooks
5.2.41-01/11  Law of distance and absorption of gammar or beta rays   X-ray Experinents
5.2.42-01/11/15  Energy dependence of the y-absorption Coefficient   Interface- System Cobra3 Physics, chemistry/Biology
5.2.44-01/11/15  Comton effect    
5.2.45-01/11/15  Internal conversion in 137 m Ba    
5.2.46-01/11/15  Photonuclear cross-section / Compton scattering cross-sectin    
5.2.47-01/11/15  X-ray fluorescence and Moseley's law    
5.3  Solid - state physics    
5.3.01-01  Hall effect in p-germanium    
5.3.01-11  Hall effect in p-germanium with Cobra 3    
5.3.02-01/11  Hall effect in n-germanium    
5.3.03-00  Hall effect in metals    
5.3.04-00  Band gap of germanium    
5.3.04-11  Band gap of germanium with Cobra    
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